Try again

I woke up early to re-do Friday’s run yesterday and finished it this time around. I learned that, while I was really excited that I can run one mile in just under (or just over) nine minutes, I definitely can’t run much longer at that pace. This time, I tried to run as slowly as I could. I don’t even think I quite finished 2.25 miles in the 22 minutes, although I was definitely close.

To be honest, I thought that being able to finish Friday’s run would make me feel a lot better than it did. But even though I was able to do the whole run, I was pretty miserable while running and definitely didn’t feel like I could keep going much longer. Tomorrow morning’s run is  longer, though. 25 minutes/2.5 miles. We’ll see how that goes.

I keep trying to remind myself of how much progress I’ve made in just the last seven weeks. I used to feel about running a mile the way I now feel about having to run two. Hoping that with more time and practice even the full 5K won’t seem like that big of a deal.



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