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Try again

I woke up early to re-do Friday’s run yesterday and finished it this time around. I learned that, while I was really excited that I can run one mile in just under (or just over) nine minutes, I definitely can’t run much longer at that pace. This time, I tried to run as slowly as I could. I don’t even think I quite finished 2.25 miles in the 22 minutes, although I was definitely close.

To be honest, I thought that being able to finish Friday’s run would make me feel a lot better than it did. But even though I was able to do the whole run, I was pretty miserable while running and definitely didn’t feel like I could keep going much longer. Tomorrow morning’s run is  longer, though. 25 minutes/2.5 miles. We’ll see how that goes.

I keep trying to remind myself of how much progress I’ve made in just the last seven weeks. I used to feel about running a mile the way I now feel about having to run two. Hoping that with more time and practice even the full 5K won’t seem like that big of a deal.



If at first you don’t succeed

I’m finally on week six of my couch to 5k program, which means only two weeks to go before I can technically run a race! I still can’t quite believe that I’ll be able to run for 3.1 miles/30 minutes non-stop. Then again, six weeks ago, jogging for one minute was hard, so I’m being optimistic about it.

This morning’s run was supposed to be 22 minutes/2.25 miles long with no breaks-only the second full run in the program. Last week ended with a 20 minute run that I got through ok (barely), but today I had to stop after around 15 minutes/1.7 miles. I was so disappointed and nervous about whether I’d be able to make it up and keep up with the program now that there won’t be (m)any walking breaks in the weeks ahead.

Trying to focus on the positives, though, instead of letting myself fall into thinking that running is just not going to work out for me (it might not, but I’m not ready to give up yet). For the first mile, my body felt great–even my quads and my knees, which usually bother me, were feeling fine. I had so much energy. I ran a whole mile like it was no big deal, which was huge–possibly a first ever–for me.

Also had one of the best yoga classes I’ve had in a while tonight. I felt strong enough to really give my best effort throughout the whole class. I got pretty close to holding our peak pose, flying pigeon, on one side, and I held crow for a while too which, despite almost two years of practice, happens very rarely.

Hopefully my body still feels as strong when I head out tomorrow morning to try this run again. And if not, I’ll have to remind myself about the doughnut, cookie, chocolates, and bag of peanut butter m&ms I ate today and hope that keeps me going because I definitely have a lot to burn off!

Run slower than you walk

Growing up in New York means you learn to walk very, very quickly.

Being pretty out of shape for most of your life means you run–let’s say jog–pretty slowly.

As I set out for my run on Wednesday morning, I wondered if it’s possible that I walk faster than I run.  Turns out the answer is. . . not quite. I actually impressed myself with my speed. I was aiming for 10 minute miles but ran the first mile in 8:47 and the second in 9:12 (with a three minute walking break in between). Those are definitely PRs for me!

Guess I have to pick up my walking pace to match!